Let's go and explore Madeira!


When you enter our website, you expect a pre-made itinerary ...
Well... of course we have some suggestions in the "Tours" section on how to make the most of your precious time.
However, we would like to point out that our tours are tailored to your needs and the routing depends on several factors:


  • on weather conditions (because is it worth going to Pico do Arieiro when the cloud cover is so dense that the visibility drops to one meter?)

  • from the access possibilities (it happens that public roads are closed because of damages after storms before the threat of landslide).

  • from the time you need at the stops (it can happen that you are so enthusiastic about a place that you want to spend more time there - then there is not enough time for the rest of the program and we have to reschedule).

All this makes the individuality of the excursions with us. Our tour proposals show the direction in which we will go. We promise you that we will show you the beauty of the island in its different corners. We want you to have enough time to take souvenir photos and to internalize the beauty of the places. It is important to us that you can enjoy Madeira without hurry. Because Madeira is not only something to see - you have to experience the beautiful island!

It is called "Pearl in the Atlantic"
or "Hawaii of Europe", 
for us it is simply
the most beautiful place in the world

Here's how it works:

Our service is comparable to a cab for the whole day - only much cheaper, more flexible and with more program.
For an all-inclusive price, a comfortable car, including a personal tour guide for unlimited mileage, is at your disposal from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm (we avoid crowds this way!). We will pick you up (up to 4 people) with an environmentally friendly and quiet electric car from your accommodation, ship or other individual starting point and guide you to the most beautiful places and views that our island has to offer. You will enjoy the island in a private and exclusive way, without stress and time constraints, without having to worry about rental cars, narrow and steep roads and sometimes unmanageable traffic rules. In doing so, we also get to places and spots where others can't make it. You will learn valuable information about the places visited, local food and drinks (which you can also sample along the way).


You will also learn a lot of valuable information if you are thinking of settling permanently on our "Pearl of the Atlantic". We will be happy to share with you our experiences about the country, the people and the authorities, so that you will be much better informed. Afterwards we will drive you back to your hotel, to the harbor or to the picturesque old town "Zona Velha" where you can finish the evening with a glass of Poncha or Madera wine.


IMPORTANT: The tour will be adapted to the individual preferences, mobility of the guests and the current weather.


We look forward to your call or WhatsApp.


Sunny greetings from Madeira


Kasia & Artur

Tour - West

It starts at 8:30 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

To begin our tour, we will take you to the westernmost point of Madeira. There you will see the tiny lighthouse at Ponta do Pargo, which, despite its inconspicuous size, has saved the lives of many sailors. The next point on our journey together is Teleferico Achadas da Cruz*(additional cost 5€/person). There you will enjoy a train ride that will give you goosebumps and the views will take your breath away!  Next, we will drive towards Porto Moniz. First, going down the old winding road we will admire this town from above. Later we will approach to watch the natural volcanic pools. If you want here we will stop for lunch, where you can try Espada, a deep-sea fish that is found here in Madeira and.... in Japan!

After this break to burn off calories we will drive up towards the fabulous Fanal forest, but still on the way to already wake up our inner child we will stop at the swing in Ribeira da Janela. We promise you will enjoy it! After a long day full of excitement, a glass of Poncha or Nikita is due! Therefore, the last point of this tour is the traditional Poncha Bar! Enjoy!


*Teleferico Achadas da Cruz does not run in bad weather! We will contact the staff before visiting this place.

Price complete 190€
per car (maximum 4 people).

Tour - South - "follow the sun"

It starts at 8:30 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

This is a tour of the warmest and sunniest corners of Madeira. At the beginning a highlight, we visit the BAM* "Centro da Banana da Madeira". Here you will experience and learn everything about the most important fruit of Madeira. The tour through the showcase plantation as well as the advanced multimedia museum will amaze you and you will learn a lot of new things about the fruit. At the end you will have the opportunity to taste various delicacies made from bananas. Afterwards we will drive to Ponta do Pargo, where we can either visit the lighthouse or drive up to the lookout point. From there we will drive along the old panoramic road through Faja da Ovelha towards the village of Paul do Mar, popular with surfers. Here we walk through the picturesque streets to the small fishing port. The next point on our tour is the village of Calheta. It is one of two villages in Madeira with a "golden" beach, whose sand was imported from the Sahara. We will then drive to Madalena do Mar, where you will take a walk through a banana plantation (alternative to BAM) on the so-called Banana Road (Rota da Banana). If you want to taste the local fish or seafood after a short walk, this is the place to do it! After this break, we will visit the picturesque Ponta do Sol - which means "tip of the sun". Google Maps shows this place as the hottest on the island! The next point is Ribeira Brava - there we visit a local "vegetable store" where you can see and buy (at local prices) local fruits and vegetables as well as dried fruits or nuts and local spirits.  Thus equipped, we slowly make our way back to our starting point.


Have fun! 


*The BAM is closed on Mondays.
There is an additional cost of 5€/person.

Price complete 190€
per car (maximum 4 people).

Tour - East

It starts at 8:30 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

We will start the day with a relaxing stroll among the greenery by walking along Levada dos Balcões. As the name implies, at the end of the road there is a balcony with beautiful views. There you will also find finches waiting for you, which if you have the right treats will eat out of your hand! From here we drive towards Santana to the open-air museum of colorful houses. The next point of our trip is Porto da Cruz, where we will visit the distilleries of Madeira's sugar cane rum. In the store you will be able to taste Poncha or purchase local products. From there, we'll drive toward the São Lourenço peninsula to a viewpoint from which we can see both the north and south sides of the island. We will then drive to Caniçal, where you can have lunch at a local taverna. The penultimate point of our tour is a viewpoint from which we can see Caniçal, Machico - Madeira's first capital and one of the two places on the island with a "golden" beach. The last point of the tour is the Christo Rei statue in Garajau. Just a moment more and we will return to the place from which we started our tour.

You are welcome!

Price complete 190€
per car (maximum 4 people).

Tour - Central - "Mountain & Valley

It starts at 8:30 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

We start in Funchal and drive the Estrada Monumental to the west. Along the coastal road we first come to the fishing village (Câmara de Lobos) the favorite place of Winston Churchill who found there his place on the island. We continue to the highest cliff in Europe (Cabo Girão) with 589m, glass bottom and breathtaking view over the black sand beach (Praia Formosa) and the south of Funchal. From there, on the way to the famous Valley of the Nuns (Curral das Freiras) we will visit the (Pico dos Barcelos) with the viewpoint Funchal-West. From the Valley of Nuns, through the unique eucalyptus forests of Europe, we will drive (weather permitting) to the third highest peak of Madeira (Pico do Arieiro with 1.818m) where we can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view above the clouds. We continue to the famous Monte Palace in the north of Funchal with its enchanting gardens. From there you have the choice how to end the excursion: With the cable car down, with the basket sledge, we take you back to the starting point, where the journey began or, if you wish, to the old town of Funchal "Zona Velha".

Price complete 190€
per car (maximum 4 people).

Big 3-way combo
East + West + Center or South

It starts at 8:30 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

Price complete 540€
per car (maximum 4 people).

Car with driver

€200 per day  (8:30am-3:30pm)
each additional hour €40,-
incl. driver/tour guide

For individual tours please send us a request with your desired destinations.

All vehicles regularly maintained, in perfect technical condition. The vehicles have passed valid, annual, stringent TüV test and are fully insured for the Touristanfahrten. All drivers are licensed and speak at least English.

First and lastname *
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How you found us?

... about us


In October 2020, we actually only came to the island for a 12-day vacation, simply to escape the "COVID-locked" Germany for a short time. We quickly realized that we had to get out of the "bunker" to explore the island. Already after 8 days and about 2500km over every remote and inaccessible road, it was certain - we stay longer here and test via AirB&B where it is best to live on the island. After countless days, sunrises and sunsets, many ponchas, the delicious food, the friendliness of the locals, as well as great acquaintances among emigrants was it so far - we have fallen in love with the island.


So it happened that we postponed our return tickets for the second time - this time by 6 months to April 2021. During this time, we searched intensively for a property and with the help of a young, friendly and German-speaking man, who stood by us as a real estate agent, we visited over 100 objects, negotiated quite a few until we found the right house for us.
At this point many thanks Claudio Vasconcelos!


Summa summarum these decisions were spontaneous, crazy and partly also half-baked - but we do not regret a single minute to have escaped the Corona everyday life in Germany and the hasty everyday life, on this island. To this day, we drive partly the same routes and always discover something new, something that excites us. Whether it is the nature at different times of the day and year, or again a newly discovered culinary highlight in a well-hidden local restaurant - the island has always offered something new.


Here on the island we married as "second chance partners" and started our new life. We drive visitors for some time crisscross through the pearl of the Atlantic and show them places, which are far away from mass tourism. Otherwise only local cab drivers would take you there, but unfortunately often with not the right language skills for you, apart from the price difference and flexibility we can offer you!


... and if you should also get the idea to stay here, we can also give you a lot of tips to avoid our mistakes and make it even easier for you to really get started here.


collaboration & recommendations 

This area is aimed equally at our guests as well as at providers with whom we are happy to work with out of conviction. Some of them offer our guests special discounts.

If you would like to be mentioned here as well, please get in touch and convince us first. 😊



Funchal, opposite Savoy Hotel
Grapes & Bites Wine House and Restaurant
An excellent wine selection, one of the best on the island.
Kasia Bonus*


Funchal city center
TERRA - Food Concept
A ship's chef who got to know the international cuisine and now successfully presents a selection from all over the world. This selection changes every 6 months. The owners are very hospitable.
Kasia Bonus* after the meal you get a glass of Madeira wine for free!


Funchal city center
Fala Fala Vege Food - Small but special... delicious. The top rating speaks for the owner and her concept.


Canico de Baixo
Munchies Bar & Restaurante
delicious lunch and dinner dishes, the owner Nelio is a gem and speaks fluently the most important languages - also German.

Kasia Bonus* -10% on the order


Canico de Baixo
A gosto – Restaurante
Young people who are not afraid to experiment and are very successful at conjuring up delicious dishes.
Kasia Bonus* -10% on the order


Tasquinha do Pescador
In the fishing village where fishermen bring their truth every day, the fish restaurant for fresh fish and seafood.
Kasia Bonus* after the meal you get a Poncha Lime (delicious) for free!




Lugar de baixo
Banana Museum of Madeira (BAM)
particularly interesting due to the beautiful garden, competent guidance and an interesting 3D and multimedia-supported information portal.
Kasia Bonus* when traveling with us 5€ entry instead of 8€


Marta Bik - dentist with passion.
Understands and masters her craft, also speaks English and Polish.


Villa Kasia, in Garajau. Currently under construction, bookable from April 1st, 2024

Villa Babel, in Garajau. For groups and families from 8 to 16 people